An Outstanding Admin Panel for easily managing your Carpooling App

Have complete control over what’s happening in your Carpooling App. The solution provides you with a smart Admin panel to streamline the entire activity of your Carpooling App.

An Outstanding Admin Panel for easily managing your Carpooling App

Users and Trips

Quickly get the number of Users, who are currently using your Car pooling App for their travel purposes and number of trips that have been successfully done.

Vehicles Vehicle brands and Total Amount earned

Find out the amount earned by your Carpooling App and number of Vehicles that are registered with the App and are ready to offer rides to people. Also, get the number of different brands of vehicles.

Enquiries and Daily logged Users

Quickly get the numbers on the Users, who logged in on a particular day. This will help you keep track of the performance of your App and how frequently your App is being used and by how many people. Also, see the number of enquiries that happened during a day.


See the number of subscribers you have had on a day and number of testimonials you received from your happy Customers.

See what’s happening with the Trips that have been posted in your Carpooling App

Add Users

Although Users have the right to register with the App, Admin will also have the right to add a User to the Carpooling App and they can do that right from their panel.

Have complete control over the Users

The Admin will have complete control over all the Users. The Admin can keep a User active or always make the User inactive, if they do not want the User to use the App.

Know everything about the registered Users

Have the list of Users along with their information like first name, last name, phone and email.

Delete a User if you want to

You do not want a User to be there on the App? Never mind, you may always get rid of that User by simply using the delete option that is available in the list of Users.

Have complete control over all the Content in your App

Add Pages

Add the pages like About us, Support page, Contact page, FAQs or How it works. Create any number of pages you want to have, by providing a title for the page and the content that need to appear on the page.


Get the list of testimonials you received from the Users, along with the name of the person, content in the testimonial and the date on which the testimonial was added.

Have complete control over testimonials.

You may either keep a testimonial active or always make it inactive for not showing it.

Payments – The most important aspect of any business activity

Successful and Failed Payments

Know all the details of every payment along with the order number, payment date, amount, the commission that the App earned through a payment. Also, know if a payment was successfully done or it failed.

Consolidated list of Payments

Get the consolidated list of payments along with every detail about the payment.

Payment Settings

Easily link your PayPal account for receiving payments from the Users of the App.

A Master Settings to segregate Users, Vehicles and other activities that happen in the App

Country, Currency and Language

Add countries and currencies that need to appear in the dropdown for selection by the Users in the front end. Also, add multiple languages in the masters to give equivalent terms in all the languages for all the captions and labels that appear on your App.

Vehicle and Vehicle brands

Create Masters for different types of vehicles like sedan, hatchback, SUV and so on. Also, create a master list of different brands of vehicles like Ford, Honda, and Hyundai and so on.

Comfort levels

Create a master of different comfort levels like AC, Non-AC, child lock, power windows only in the front, power windows everywhere, and so on.


Provide a radius in kilometers to specify for listing cabs within proximity or nearby cabs for booking.

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