An Outstanding App with awesome front end features for its Users

Customize this solution and bring an easy to use Mobile App that can help everybody in a hassle free Cab booking. The App has every feature that is required for an instant ride booking.

A unique Dash board for every User

A unique profile

Users can fill in a form to create a unique profile for themselves in the App. With the same profile, Users can either offer a ride to other Users or book a ride with other Users.

My Cars

Users can add any number of cars under their profiles, and then offer rides to others in their registered cars. They can also view the list of registered cars under their profile.

Select comfort levels

Users can specify comfort levels for their cars, just by sliding the button to say yes or no, for different comfort levels like smoking, food allowed, availability of USB charger, and so on.

Change password

The Users can always change their password to protect their account from hacking or misuse.

Offer an empty to seat in your car to someone travelling to the same destination

Letting people know about your Vehicle

A provision to select among their registered vehicles to let people know which car of theirs is ready to do a trip and offer a ride.

Adding a Trip

Users can mention the source from where the trip will start and the destination of the trip. They can also specify a route for people, who would want to take a ride half way and finish their ride in between. They can also specify if it is a recurring trip or a one-time trip and the departure time. Specify if it is a one way or a return trip.

Finding the right companion for travel

Users can find the right companion by selecting whether they want to take only men or only ladies.

Take as many people with you

Users can specify the available number of available seats to take as many people they can in the same ride.

Keep track of Payments, Questions from Passengers and Notifications

My Payments

The Users can view the details of all the payments they received and they made. They can view these payment details as a Car Owner or as a Passenger.

Passenger Questions

The Users can view the details of all the questions about the trips from the Passengers.


The App has the provision for the Users to receive and view different notifications in different scenarios.

Easily manage Trips , Ratings and Enquiries

Manage Trips

The Users can see all their upcoming trips as well as the trips they did in the past through your App. The User can either see these details as the Car Owner or as a Passenger, which are separated with different tabs.

Manage Ratings

The Users can see the ratings that they are yet to give, the ratings they received by the Passengers, who travelled with them, and the ratings they gave to the Car Owners with whom they travelled.

Manage Enquiries

The Users can view the enquiries they received and the enquiries they made. They can view these enquiries as a Car Owner or as a Passenger, which are separated with different tabs.

Find the most suitable ride

Finding the right ride to reach the destination

Users can specify source and destination, select a date and easily find a ride to their destination on the day they are planning to reach there.

Filter options to find the most appropriate ride

The Users can search and find the most appropriate ride by using different filtering options like trip frequency, return journey, gender, car comfort level, and more.

Complete trip details with instant booking option

The trip detail page shows every detail about the trip like the luggage size that can fit in the car, available number of seats in the car, rate per passenger and comfort levels. The User can instantly book the trip if they find it suitable.

Google Map Integration

The App is integrated with Google Maps for taking the passenger’s source location and destination. The Maps can also be used by the Cab driver to get the guidance on the route towards the destination.

Let's build something that can your Carpooling business stand out