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We have developed an open source Carpooling App to help you easily get a move on the Carpooling Mobile App development.

If you are a Mobile App Developer, willing to fulfill the requirement of your Client, who is asking for a full-featured Carpooling Mobile App, then, our App is the best and ready to use solution for you to quickly get an App developed and delivered to your Client, for their Carpooling business.

If you are a Carpooling business owner and if you are knowledge in mobile app development is zero, then, never mind. This App can help you easily get through every complexity of Mobile App development and have a full-featured Mobile App all ready to get launched.

Suresh Sekar – The man behind the idea and concept.

Earlier, every business wanted a website to have an online presence. Today, the same businesses are looking at going mobile. Business owners, especially the ones in carpooling business, are now serious about having Mobile Apps for their businesses for sustaining the competition. This is the primary reason behind my idea of developing an open source solution for Carpooling App and to help people get a quick move on having a Mobile app for their carpooling business and also to help Developers to find a solution for a faster development.

People Involved

Sekar Suresh CEO & Founder, Piccosoft

The person who designed and built WrapBootstrap. He's a programmer and web developer who enjoys a diverse array of hobbies, including building web apps, working with big data, and reverse engineering. He will be the one that answers all your questions and will assist you if you should run into any trouble. His username on here is james.